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Pascal Wehrlein

Name DE Pascal Wehrlein
Active No longer active
Date of birth Oct 18 1994 (24)
City Worndorf
Weight 61 kg
Height 1.77m
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Team Series Role Start End Startnumber
DE Mercedes Formula 1 Test driver Sep 15 2014 - 23
CH Sauber Formula 1 Driver Jan 1 2017 Dec 31 2017 94
GB Manor F1 Formula 1 Driver Feb 10 2016 Dec 31 2016 94
IN Force India Formula 1 Test driver Jan 1 2015 Dec 31 2015 34


Dec 13Vettel has 'mixed feelings' about Kubica's return1
Nov 23Vasseur hails Ericsson's role in Sauber's resurgence1
Nov 10Sauber looking for reserve driver to fill in for Ericsson1
Oct 18FE: Wolff phone call instigated Vandoorne's HWA switch5
Oct 12How the 2019 grid is shaping up6
Oct 10Wehrlein turned down HWA drive to focus on F1 return6
Oct 4Ocon rules out Formula E and IndyCar deals0
Oct 3Giovinazzi 'better prepared' for F1 than in 20173
Sep 29How the grid is shaping up for 20190
Sep 26Ocon negotiating with Williams over 2019 drive8
Sep 18Wolff not confident over support for three-car teams0
Sep 15Vasseur: Sauber will decide on second 2019 driver soon5
Sep 14Mercedes to part ways with Wehrlein3
Sep 11Mercedes admit cutting ties with Ocon is an option2
Sep 6Wolff: Let top teams run extra car for young drivers24
Sep 5Wolff questions future of Mercedes young driver programme0
Aug 30Russell's F1 hopes boosted after summer moves2
Aug 17Ericsson admits need for qualifying improvement4
Aug 2Mercedes won't get in the way of Ocon/Renault deal6
May 31Kubica could replace Hartley at Toro Rosso5
May 24Hartley 'surprised' by Toro Rosso axe rumours3
May 22Markelov: "We know how Helmut Marko ruins careers of young drivers"17
May 3Wolff: Mercedes not considering rival drivers12
Apr 5Video: A lap around Bahrain onboard with Pascal Wehrlein0
Mar 20Vasseur: Weight hampered Ericsson in 201716
Mar 19Ousted Pascal Wehrlein left with 'weird feeling'16
Mar 8Marcus Ericsson eyes Leclerc for reputation boost9
Feb 26No Super Formula campaign for Wehrlein1
Feb 14DTM: Paffett: "Wehrlein more complete driver than 2015"2
Feb 11SMP boss: Sirotkin was chosen on ability8
Feb 8Pascal Wehrlein not ruling out 2019 comeback in F12
Feb 7Wehrlein returns to DTM with Mercedes6
Jan 25Mercedes offers Wehrlein a role as F1 test driver5
Jan 12Mercedes will continue to support Pascal Wehrlein1
Jan 9Mercedes vow to find Wehrlein a role after F1 axe2
Jan 3Wolff expecting Hamilton to stay with Mercedes9
Dec 18 2017Vote for 2017's most dramatic F1 moment0
Dec 13 2017Wolff: "Wehrlein deserves to be in F1"6
Dec 11 2017Sirotkin now favourite for Williams seat18
Dec 10 2017Wehrlein says Sauber car limited his performance11
Dec 8 2017Monisha Kaltenborn questions decision to oust Wehrlein3
Dec 3 2017Giovinazzi handed six FP1 outings in 20181
Dec 1 2017Sauber full of expectations heading into 20183
Nov 26 2017Todt: "Kubica must pass medical checks for F1 license"3
Nov 25 2017Wolff: "Tiny possibility for Wehrlein/Williams deal if Kubica fails"1
Nov 24 2017Felipe Massa knows identity of Williams successor1
Nov 23 2017Ericsson admits he is "nervous" over F1 future2
Nov 22 2017Kubica and Sirotkin to test for Williams post Abu Dhabi1
Nov 15 2017Tyre selections for Abu Dhabi Grand Prix0
Nov 12 2017Starting grid for 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix0
Nov 10 2017FP2: Hamilton stays on top as Red Bull close in1
Nov 10 2017Pascal Wehrlein admits Williams 'only option' for 20187
Nov 8 2017Ericsson optimistic Sauber will make further improvements in Brazil2
Oct 31 2017Sauber decides to drop Pascal Wehrlein for 201820
Oct 29 2017Ericsson satisfied after strong qualifying performance4
Oct 28 2017Four candidates in the running to replace Massa for 20180
Oct 28 2017Sauber not ready to name 2018 drivers1
Oct 23 2017Pascal Wehrlein set to lose Mercedes backing6
Oct 22 2017Alonso not surpised by Sainz's impressive Renault debut2
Oct 20 2017FP2: Hamilton remains on top as Red Bull look to challenge1
Oct 20 2017Wehlrein hopes to know future before Abu Dhabi0
Oct 20 2017Massa interested in Liberty Media role3
Oct 19 2017Saudi Arabia to host 2018 Race of Champions1
Oct 17 2017Tyre selections for the 2017 US Grand Prix0
Oct 8 2017Marko crushes Wehrlein/Toro Rosso rumours3
Oct 6 2017Vettel ends the first practice session at Japan on top0
Oct 5 2017Wehrlein emerges as contender for Williams seat11
Oct 5 2017Marko: "Red Bull has bigger balls than Mercedes and Ferrari"7
Oct 5 2017Ericsson: "Weight disadvantage costing me three tenths a lap"16
Sep 29 2017Wehrlein: "I'm assuming I'll be in Formula 1 next year"6

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Recent results of Pascal Wehrlein
Nov 26 2017 AE Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi P18 P14
Nov 12 2017 BR Grand Prix of Brazil P15 P14
Oct 29 2017 MX Grand Prix of Mexico P13 P14
Oct 22 2017 US Grand Prix of the United States P14 P19
Oct 8 2017 JP Grand Prix of Japan P20 P15
Oct 1 2017 MY Grand Prix of Malaysia P18 P17
Sep 17 2017 SG Grand Prix of Singapore P19 P12
Sep 3 2017 IT Grand Prix of Italy P12 P16
Aug 27 2017 BE Grand Prix of Belgium P20 P20
Jul 30 2017 HU Grand Prix of Hungary P18 P15
Jul 16 2017 GB Grand Prix of Great Britain P18 P17
Jul 9 2017 AT Grand Prix of Austria P20 P14
Jun 25 2017 AZ Azerbaijan Grand Prix P15 P10
Jun 11 2017 CA Grand Prix of Canada P20 P15
May 28 2017 MC Grand Prix of Monaco P18 P19
May 14 2017 ES Grand Prix of Spain P15 P8
Apr 30 2017 RU Grand Prix of Russia P17 P16
Apr 16 2017 BH Grand Prix of Bahrain P13 P11
Nov 27 2016 AE Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi - P14
Nov 13 2016 BR Grand Prix of Brazil - P15
Oct 30 2016 MX Grand Prix of Mexico - P22
Oct 23 2016 US Grand Prix of the United States - P17
Oct 9 2016 JP Grand Prix of Japan P21 P22
Oct 2 2016 MY Grand Prix of Malaysia - P15
Sep 18 2016 SG Grand Prix of Singapore - P16
Sep 4 2016 IT Grand Prix of Italy - P20
Aug 28 2016 BE Grand Prix of Belgium - P22
Jul 31 2016 DE Grand Prix of Germany - P17
Jul 24 2016 HU Grand Prix of Hungary P20 P19
Jul 10 2016 GB Grand Prix of Great Britain - P22
Jul 3 2016 AT Grand Prix of Austria P12 P10
Jun 19 2016 AZ Grand Prix of Azerbaijan P17 P20
Jun 12 2016 CA Grand Prix of Canada P17 P17
May 29 2016 MC Grand Prix of Monaco - P14
May 15 2016 ES Grand Prix of Spain P21 P16
May 1 2016 RU Grand Prix of Russia P20 P18
Apr 17 2016 CN Grand Prix of China P21 P18
Apr 3 2016 BH Grand Prix of Bahrain P16 P13
Mar 20 2016 AU Grand Prix of Australia P22 P16
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