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Susie Wolff

Name GB Susie Wolff
Active No longer active
Date of birth Dec 6 1982 (36)
City Switzerland
Weight 53 kg
Length 1.68m
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Team Series Role Start End Startnumber
GB Williams Formula 1 Test driver Jan 1 2014 Nov 4 2015 41
GB Williams Formula 1 Test driver Jan 1 2013 Dec 30 2013


Jan 14Wolff: Honda's engine 'certainly looks very powerful'8
Jan 9Tost calls for '40-50%' cut in downforce levels7
Jan 8Hamilton: Mercedes may have weak spot this year5
Jan 4Wolff: Bottas must perform at Hamilton's level going forward15
Dec 28 2018Mercedes play down Binotto rumours4
Dec 27 2018Wolff: Lauda will 'definitely' return in 20192
Dec 20 2018Wolff questions search for new F1 engine manufacturers5
Dec 18 2018Wolff: Mercedes hasn't 'lost trust' in Bottas8
Dec 17 2018Mercedes' 2019 engine setback "nothing dramatic"9
Dec 11 2018F1 teams monitoring developing Brexit situation0
Dec 8 2018Lowe: 2019 front wings to have stronger impact than new fuel rules2
Dec 7 2018Mercedes suffer 'setback' with 2019 engine concept9
Dec 7 2018Wolff: 2019 front wings won't reduce outwash4
Dec 5 2018Bottas not worried about 2020 Mercedes drive4
Nov 29 2018Brawn: Bottas only flaw in Mercedes' 2018 campaign13
Nov 28 2018Hamilton was stronger after title win - Wolff4
Nov 24 2018Perez: Stroll 'definitely' has talent0
Nov 23 2018FP2: Bottas pips Verstappen by 0.044s1
Nov 23 2018Mercedes confirm Ocon will hold reserve role in 20191
Nov 23 2018Vandoorne to work in Mercedes F1 simulator0
Nov 21 2018Mercedes expecting tough 2019 fight4
Nov 21 2018Mercedes to 'go for broke' at season finale2
Nov 20 2018Press conference schedule for 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix0
Nov 20 2018Wolff: F1 was wrong to go softer with tyres6
Nov 16 2018Wolff: Five Mercedes titles not possible without Hamilton13
Nov 14 2018Wolff: 2018 was 'the most difficult' championship win4
Nov 14 2018Ocon could take up dual reserve role in 20192
Nov 12 2018Wolff reveals extent of Hamilton's power unit issues9
Nov 11 2018Mercedes: Ferrari the favourites after tyre gamble0
Nov 9 2018Wolff: Hamilton-Bottas pairing like 'Alice in Wonderland' compared to Hamilton-Rosberg rivalry6
Nov 1 2018Wolff: Ocon will be more integrated at Mercedes2
Nov 1 2018Hamilton/Mercedes partnership could last 'forever'2
Oct 31 2018Calderon completes F1 debut at filming day4
Oct 29 2018Ocon disappointed after 'worst race of F1 career'3
Oct 28 2018Wolff fears 'potential carnage' at race start3
Oct 28 2018Wolff: No reliability concerns for Hamilton1
Oct 27 2018Bottas set for new engine ahead of qualifying2
Oct 26 2018Ocon's chances at Williams are 'looking grim' - Wolff8
Oct 25 2018How Hamilton can win the title in Mexico3
Oct 24 2018Wolff insists title battle is 'far from over'10
Oct 21 2018Wolff: Ocon 'guaranteed' a good seat in 20203
Oct 21 2018Mercedes worried about Ferrari's Sunday pace1
Oct 20 2018Wolff 'probably' would use team orders in the US10
Oct 18 2018FE: Wolff phone call instigated Vandoorne's HWA switch5
Oct 16 2018Hamilton has showed 'class act' in 2018 - Wolff10
Oct 15 2018Wolff believes Schumacher can be 'one of the greats'13
Oct 12 2018Mercedes: Bottas will make 'another step' following mental setback6
Oct 9 2018Hamilton calls for more respect for Vettel5
Oct 7 2018Vettel defends Ferrari tyre strategy1
Oct 6 2018Horner warns against extending calendar beyond 21 races1
Oct 5 2018Bottas: Hard to say where the competition lies5
Oct 5 2018Wolff believes Ferrari is masking true pace1
Oct 4 2018Ocon rules out Formula E and IndyCar deals0
Oct 3 2018Wolff: Points advantage doesn't mean anything9
Oct 3 2018Hamilton 'sad' to see McLaren and Williams struggle1
Oct 2 2018Toro Rosso rule out Vandoorne deal5
Sep 30 2018Hamilton admits race win "doesn't feel spectacular"5
Sep 30 2018Wolff: Spa defeat a turning point for Mercedes0
Sep 26 2018Mercedes finding no comfort in championship advantage2
Sep 25 2018Press conference schedule for 2018 Russian Grand Prix2
Sep 22 2018Steiner against three car teams idea6
Sep 20 2018Ocon has no regrets despite likely F1 exit9
Sep 18 2018Wolff not confident over support for three-car teams0
Sep 15 2018Hamilton doesn't know where "magic" lap came from7
Sep 14 2018Wolff: Teams didn't have the balls to sign Ocon17
Sep 11 2018Mercedes admit cutting ties with Ocon is an option2
Sep 10 2018F1 chiefs persuaded Mercedes to back German GP3
Sep 10 2018Wolff: Mercedes will turn factories upside down to gain performance2
Sep 7 2018Wolff defends Vettel over driving criticsm2
Sep 6 2018Wolff: Let top teams run extra car for young drivers24

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