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Name IT Minardi Minardi
Location Italy Founding date Jan 1 1985
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Team Series Role Start End Startnumber
IT Minardi Formula 1 Team Jan 1 1985 Dec 31 2005
NL Jos Verstappen   Driver 19
ES Fernando Alonso   Driver 21
ES Fernando Alonso   Test driver 1


Jan 10Binotto receives support from former team boss Minardi0
Nov 25 2018Verstappen: A shame to have never raced Alonso0
Oct 6 2017Alonso: "Honda starting from zero each year was detrimental"2
Aug 23 2017A look back at Belgium: 20040
Aug 16 2017Steiner believes F1 needs another Minardi for young drivers0
Jul 31 2017Marchionne says Sauber will be a Ferrari junior team5
Jul 26 2017Minardi: "Haas driver announcement a missed opportunity for Ferrari"9
May 27 2017Gene says 2017 Ferrari has no weak points0
May 15 2017Jos Verstappen set for Red Bull talent role0
May 8 2017Minardi: "F1 races not boring in 2017"3
May 5 2017Former Ferrari boss 'critical' after cycling crash0
Mar 24 2017Ricciardo on how his love for F1 began0
Mar 7 2017Former F1 driver Sala doubts Alonso will quit0
Dec 20 2016McLaren "the best team of my career" - Fernando Alonso0
Nov 29 2016Formula One's world champion dynasties0
Nov 26 2016Lewis Hamilton "too preoccupied" earlier in the season - Bas Leinders0
Nov 23 2016Tom Kristensen the driver steward in Abu Dhabi0
Oct 13 2016Five stand out moments from Mark Webber's career0
Oct 13 2016WEC: Mark Webber announces retirement0
Sep 14 2016Remembering Sebastian Vettel's first win0
Jul 27 2016Robert Doornbos sides with Lewis Hamilton in yellow flag controversy0
Jul 23 2016Brembo discusses braking differences between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton2
Jul 5 2016Marko: "Incredible how Max drove in Austria"0
Jun 23 2016Red Bull puts 'aeroscreen' on the back burner0
Jun 5 2016Photos: Family Racing Days - Max Verstappen1
Jun 1 2016Ricciardo: "I'm 27 soon and still don't have a title"19
May 14 2016Max Verstappen: "My father takes a step back"0
Mar 18 2016Massa admits Williams not involved in title fight0
Mar 15 2016Mercedes 'has the edge' on Ferrari and the rest1
Mar 14 2016Doornbos not expecting Renault to shine in 20160
Mar 8 2016Haryanto may have difficulty qualifying - Doornbos3
Jan 26 2016Remarkable career twist for ex-F1 driver Doornbos1
Jan 20 2016Rivola leaves Ferrari team to take care of 'academy'0
Oct 21 2015Jos Verstappen: "Max is the new 'Boss'1
Oct 2 2015Button already 'excited' for 2017 after 2016 confirmation2
Aug 25 2015Justin Wilson dies as a result of Indycar crash1
Aug 24 2015Justin Wilson in critical condition after crash0
Aug 19 2015Toro Rosso starts work in new facility at Faenza0
Jul 9 2015Ferrari benefited from collapse of Red Bull and McLaren0
Jul 7 2015'Ferrari target Bottas the right age, but inconsistent'0
Jul 2 2015Verstappen interested in doing Le Mans with father1
May 18 2015Verstappens back proposed changes to boost F10
May 13 2015'Exceptional' Toro Rosso drivers put Kvyat under pressure1
Apr 18 2015Alonso happy with 'challenge of my life'1
Apr 7 2015Toro Rosso happy with 'big step forward' from Renault0
Mar 5 2015Teams threaten to boycott over mysterious Alonso crash1
Feb 17 2015F1 'appeal' has gone down a little - Friesacher0
Feb 17 2015Manor pays entry fee for 2015 season to the FIA0
Jan 21 2015New McLaren amazing and futuristic car - Minardi0
Jan 6 2015Ferrari sticking with 'pullrod' front suspension in 20150
Dec 8 2014Caterham, Marussia 'gave nothing' to F1 - Trulli0
Oct 5 2014Former F1 driver Andrea de Cesaris killed in a motorbike accident1
Sep 29 2014Tom Brooks: What's happened to Ferrari?0
Sep 1 2014Verstappen was 'prepared' for expected F1 debut criticism0
Aug 29 2014Ferrari looking to Haas to install 'satellite' team in F10
Aug 27 2014Honda wants Vettel and Newey at McLaren - Minardi0
Aug 22 2014Current F1 drivers back teen rookie Max Verstappen0
Aug 19 2014Free practice debut in 2014 possible for Max Verstappen0
Aug 14 2014'Max Verstappen set to replace Vergne at Toro Rosso'0
Aug 13 2014Kobayashi backs sweeping changes at struggling Caterham0
Aug 5 2014Max is already quite mature - Jos Verstappen0
Jul 24 2014Verstappen decides to team up with Mercedes instead of Red Bull0
Jul 15 2014New Caterham chiefs 'unblock' development programme 0
Jul 8 2014Kolles has to make unpopular decisions amid Caterham 'mess'0
Jul 5 2014Kolles: "Without investors, Caterham wouldn't race in Silverstone"0
Jul 4 2014Caterham sale caught its drivers by surprise0
Jul 3 2014F1 paddock 'puzzles over' investors behind Caterham sale0
Jul 1 2014Alex Zanardi wishes Michael Schumacher well0
May 27 2014F1 teams show 'plenty of interest' in Max Verstappen0
May 20 2014Toro Rosso to use same rear suspension layout as Red Bull0

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